Telefonando | Calling

Telefonando | Calling

Photo-sequence of 52 digital colour images presented in book form

18x12 cm_2009

 One way to describe this work is to consider it as a reflection on “the way of speaking”, or about the process through which both verbal and visual communication are built up.

The photo-sequence starts showing the action of phoning and gradually pictures become abstracts  leading to other thoughts in a free association of shapes and colours that compose the second part of the work.

A hypothetical phone call is therefore the narrative pretext for a trip which is not real but likely, and which is built up in the same way that reality works: action-reaction. This work is also a journey into the world of imagination, where the paths of ideas can multiply and become freer and lighter, giving things the possibility to take on new roles and new meanings. Because of this the narrative sequence ceases to be linear after the first series of images and a great and unique overview takes form.

This work is a reflection on how images can construct meanings.