Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home | 26 pencil and ink drawings, video, and installation made of mixed-media and embroidery | 2012

Detaljbilder fra utstillingen på Galleri Puls i Norheimsund 2014




Home Sweet Home is a collection of works including drawing,  video and installation.

The work is about the meaning of the house as space based

on relations, socially established, between people and things. The idea the work is based on is to introduce the audience, as in a guided tour, into a private space, a private house, showing them around. The aim of this work is to arise a question about what this space embodies and what make it different from a  house.

Home Sweet Home is a life time project which I’m still working on and developing. The topic is something I’m deeply interested in, and my way of thinking about it is constantly changing as I am getting older and experience more in life. “What we see is what we are” is an aphorism that applies well to this project.